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8 years in Latvia – thousands of satisfied customers and millions of sounds heard


December 17, 2022

Interview with the founders of Labākas Dzirdes Centrs

This November, the hearing center Labākas Dzirdes Centrs celebrated its 8th anniversary. Over the years, we have managed to help many people improve their quality of life – hear better and become more active in society. Labākas Dzirdes Centrs is the only hearing center in Latvia that offers its customers the most advanced hearing technology and first-class service for every patient.

During this festive time, it was natural to talk to the company’s founders, Victoria Lomatska and Anton Tsarenko to learn more about the hearing center.

– How did you come up with the idea to open a hearing center in Latvia?
Anton: I’ve always been interested in technology, I deliberately chose the best technical university in Ukraine, and when I received my master’s degree in medical technology, I was happy to start my career in hearing rehabilitation.

Victoria: Together with Anton, we came to Latvia in 2014, right after russia invaded Ukraine. Since Anton was a medical engineer with extensive experience in hearing technology and I had some business experience, we decided to open our own clinic and do what we do best together – help others hear better.

– How does Labākas Dzirdes Centrs differ from other hearing centers in Latvia?
Victoria: It all starts with our big goal – to help everyone hear better! The close-knit team of Labākas Dzirdes Centrs guarantees that you will receive the highest quality services and the best hearing solutions, as well as an individual approach and the latest technologies available today. All this is made possible thanks to three main pillars:

First, qualified specialists. Our team comprises professionals with extensive experience and a sincere desire to help people. They regularly improve their skills, get acquainted with innovative methods of hearing rehabilitation and consult with leading industry gurus. This allows us to safely use the latest technology, guaranteeing you the best possible hearing experience. In addition, we are the only hearing center in Latvia equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment.

Secondly, an integrated approach. An important feature of Labākas Dzirdes Centrs is our niche specialization. We only do what we do best – improve your hearing. We do not limit ourselves to one-time help but focus on continuous and dynamic hearing improvement, prevention and correction. The philosophy of a comprehensive approach is fully consistent with the unique program developed by our center – 5 steps to better hearing: a hearing aid adaptation program, a hearing aid user support program, warranty service of up to 4 years, and loss & damage insurance.

Thirdly, which is also extremely important, state-of-the-art hearing aids. When it comes to hearing improvement, everyone deserves the best. It is not only the attention of the specialist and the care of the staff but also the level of the hearing aids themselves. Our hearing center is an authorized partner of the American company Starkey, the No. 1 manufacturer of hearing aids in the world. The company has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing hearing aids, from in-the-ear to invisible, rechargeable and rechargeable. This allows us to offer our customers the highest quality hearing aids.

All together is the guarantee of your best hearing.

Dzirdes speciālists dzirdes centrā

– You mentioned the state-of-the-art hearing aid. And what is it like today?
Anton: In simple words, today’s hearing aids are mini-computers for your ears. They not only receive and produce sound but also process and amplify it individually, adapting to the external environment and your hearing needs. Thanks to artificial intelligence and built-in sensors, Starkey’s state-of-the-art hearing aid scans your sound environment 167 times per second. This guarantees the user the best possible sound in any situation.

If we talk about size (many are interested in this), then hearing aids have long become miniature and compete with each other in design and invisibility. They also have various features, the most important of which are the ability to highlight speech and muffle the ambient background noise (for example, in a restaurant or on the street), Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or TV (for sound streaming directly to your hearing aids), charger instead of batteries, built-in sensors and artificial intelligence (for the best sound).

Evolv AI Starkey Latvija

– What are the core values of Labākas Dzirdes Centrs?
Anton: Our philosophy is very simple, but despite this, it has become the basis for the success of our hearing center. Serve and take care of the customer because THEY play the most important role in our industry. THREE MAIN POINTS: welcome, understand the problem and help solve it. These three points are constant guidelines in our work. Our experience with existing customers shows that the key to success is not only caring about the product they purchase but also caring and paying attention to the patient as a person. Treat every customer the way you would like to be treated.

Victoria: To be excellent. We respect our patients, team and partners, appreciating their time to help solve their problems in order to provide a high-class service. We are committed to our actions – we set realistic expectations, take responsibility and deliver on our commitments. Patients come first for us, and for them, we create the most amazing journey to guarantee the best possible hearing. We strive for excellence and build friendly and long-term relationships with our customers. In addition, we always find time for humour and positivity together!

In other words, Labākas Dzirdes Centrs is a hearing center based on honesty, good relationships and a common goal to help everyone hear better.

– What has motivated you all these eight years and continues to motivate you today?
Anton: Labākas Dzirdes Centrs is a unique opportunity for me to change something in this world. I like to select and adjust hearing technologies, building them individually to help people even in the most difficult cases. Much of my job is to train the team so our hearing center can help as many people as possible hear better. I am proud to be the co-owner of this clinic, knowing that the hearing of Latvians is in reliable, caring hands!

Victoria: As a co-owner of the company, my biggest motivation is our team and patients. If they are happy, then I am happy. I feel a great responsibility for all of them. I know we are the best hearing center in the country, and I know people come to us for quality care, professional advice, caring service and support 24/7. It is the force that motivates me every day.

Labākas Dzirdes Centrs atsauksmes

At the same time, none of our team needs special motivation to come to work every day. We love what we do ♡

We are happy to help everyone improve their hearing. After all, it also means improving life and providing an opportunity for easy communication with the outside world. Our patients’ impressions after visiting our hearing clinic are very important to us because Labākas Dzirdes Centrs is not just a job for us – it is a calling!